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The Color Green

Throughout history the colour green has been considered unlucky in Scotland. It was said that green was the colour used by the fairies, who were supposed to take offence if mortal men and women presumed to wear it.

After the battle of Flodden, a heavy defeat by the
English with great loss of life, many of the clansmen
were dressed in green tartan. This may also be partly responsible for the superstition.

The colour has also been associated with spectres or
ghosts haunting many old Scottish castles and mansion
houses, In most cases the spectre has been that of a
young or beautiful lady dressed in green robes.

Very often the appearance of a Green Lady was a
sign of calamity to a noble house or to a particular
individual. There have been many exceptions to this
general rule but up to the present day the superstition
is still very strong. On the other hand, green is a popular
colour in France and was much in favour with the
ancient Druids.

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