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Castle Huntly

The castle and estate came in 1614 into the possession
of the Lyon family of Glamis, bought by the Earl of
Strathmore, who changed the name to Castle Lyon.
The 7th Earl of Strathmore married Miss Elizabeth
Bowes of Streatham in 1767 and assumed the name
Bowes-Lyon. He died in 1776 and his widow, Countess
Bowes-Lyon, returned to stay in London. The estate
was then sold to George Paterson of Dundee who
amassed a great fortune with the East India Company.
His, wife was a direct descendant of the original owners,
and he changed the name back to Castle Huntly.
The Paterson family spent a great deal of money on
the property and also added the Georgian portion on
the north-east side together with a new roof and central
tower. The last Paterson to occupy the castle was Colonel Adrian Gordon Paterson who died on 5 June
1940, three years after succeeding. In 1946 his widow
sold the castle to the government. The Patersons’ only
son had been drowned as a boy in a yachting accident
on the Tay.

The legend of the White Lady of Castle Huntly which
originated in an actual tragedy is not disputed. While
the Lyon family occupied the castle it is said that a
daughter of the house became the lover of a manservant.

When her parents learned of their love, the daughter
was banished to a bedroom high up on the tower look-
ing out on to the battlements. What happened to the
manservant is not recorded but it is a good guess that
he was thrown alive into the vaulted dungeon of the
castle, which is still a gruesome place.

The poor young girl must have suffered agony and
hardship being banished and locked up in the high
tower bedroom. The story, which has been passed from
one generation to another, is that the young prisoner
found relief by throwing herself from her prison window,
and was killed. It has also been suggested that she was
pushed out of the window to her death.

Over the years, residents of the Carse of Gowrie have
claimed to have seen the White Lady ghost in the vici-
nity of the castle dressed in long white flowing robes.
One appearance was recorded at the end of the last
century by one of the Castle Huntly lairds. Since then
strange sounds have been heard within the castle, and
one man reported that he had seen the White Lady
moving between certain trees within the grounds.

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