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Dumfries is the handsomest town in the south of Scotland, and the favourite residence of families and mdividuals to whom a healthy climate, great facilities of education, and the enjoyment of cultivated society, are obJeets of consideration. It combines most of the advantages of a large capital; and, by its daily intercourse with Edinburgh, and its position on the great road to the south and west. possesses many recommendations as a residence.* The streets are clean and airy. well paved, flanked with cheerful, and, in many instances, handsome edifices, and lighted with gas. Dumfries, like Ayr, has its " twa brigs,"—the old and the new. The Nith is here a magnificent river, and having had its channel deepened, vessels of considerable tonnage are now brought up to the very doors, to receive and discharge their cargoes, which gives the town the advantages of a sea-port.l. The environs abound in picturesque scenery, and command extensive prospects in every direction. On the south, flanked by Criffell on the right, shut in by Skiddaw in front, and the Solway Frith flowing between, the Cumberland coast and mountains are beautifully defined. On the west and north, and partly on the east, the prospect is bounded by an undulating chain of hills, which form part of the " Scottish Arcadia.'* The intervening space is one of the richest and most variegated dales m Scotland.

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