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Highlands And Islands Of ScotlandWainwright's Highlands And Islands Of Scotland This video shows the best the Nortwest Highlands of Scotland (still) can offer to all the hurried living in the more crowded parts of the world. The images, the hauntingly beautiful music and the commentaries, quotations from Wainwright's books, in this video capture the vast open spaces, the silence, the emptiness and the sheer beauty of the scenery of places like Torridon and Sutherland. Scottish Videos.

Billy Connolly - World Tour Of Scotland [1994] A limited edition box-set containing all six TV episodes of his 40-date concert tour and personal journey through his native Scotland. Also included is a CD recording of Billy singing Van Morrison's 'Irish Heartbeat'.

Flower Of ScotlandFlower Of Scotland - A Vision Of The Corries The Corries have been Scotland's foremost folk-singing duo for more than twenty years. This video programme comprises their best-known songs, compiled from a six-part BBC TV series. Sadly, the death of Roy Williamson has signalled the end of The Corries as we knew them. This video will ensure their talent lives on. Scottish Videos.

Weir's Way - Four Tom Weir takes you through more walks exploring the history and countryside of Scotland, this time tracing the steps of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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