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Sexually Dominant Woman

The Mistress ManualThe Mistress Manual: A Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance The Mistress in Action begins the real sexual play of dominance between you and your male partner. From the language of dominance to the ties that bind you'll learn some basics that you can expand on with additional reading. This is an excellent book for the novice domme. Once you and our submissive discover specific items that are enjoyable you can explore more techniques and in-depth understanding of BDSM. Sexually Dominant Woman.

The Female DominantThe Female Dominant: Games She Plays An essential companion to Female Dominance: Rituals and Practices and Art of Sensual Female Dominance. Glamorous fetish diva Claudia Varrin returns to lure readers further into the deep waters of consensual BDSM: while previous books in the series have focused on explaining techniques in detail, this book steps directly into Varrin's world. Diva Claudia reveals real-life experiences in sessions with treasured slaves, as well as "toy for the night" encounters at parties and clubs. The experiences recounted in The Female Dominant are sure to titillate and thrill you..

In Her ServiceIn Her Service These short stories are a homage to the delights of beautiful, imperious women, and to the pleasures of serving them. By turns cruel and mysterious, its heroines leave a trail of bound, bewildered and thoroughly used men behind. Told from their points of view, the stories in In Her Service express the yearning, arousal and fulfilment of their helpless and fascinated subjects. Sexually Dominant Woman.

Erotic Story of Female DominanceDebbie's Gift: An Erotic Story of Female Dominance Debbie has a special surprise for her loving lawyer husband, Ron. After a passionate night of lovemaking, Ron dreamily agrees to become Debbie's slave. The next morning, a harsh reality sets in as Ron is netted and carted away to be trained in the arts of sexual slavery. Frightened, confused and angry, Ron endures all forms of degradation and humiliation. The secret slave training facility is a masterpiece of torture technology. Ron must endure exhausting, homoerotic trials as Debbie watches his progress on a TV monitor. An erotic tale of sacrifice, slavery and love. Sexually Dominant Woman.

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