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When Piping Was StrongWhen Piping Was Strong: Tradition, Change and the Bagpipe in South Uist Based on documented history and insights of local performers looking back on a lifetime of music making, Joshua Dickson examines the role of piping and pipers within Hebridean custom and how it has changed over the course of time. From this a picture emerges of a dynamic musical tradition which has adapted and survived through centuries of sweeping social change. Overall, this book is a record of the history and aesthetics of the Great Highland Bagpipe in the southern Outer Hebrides from as much of the internal Gaelic perspective as it is possible for an outsider to comprehend. Interviews with local sources were conducted in Gaelic and consideration is given to the context of traditional Gaelic social culture. It therefore fills a gap in Scottish ethnology and piping history often neglected through a lack of impetus among Gaelic-speaking scholars.


A Norse Farmstead in the Outer HebridesA Norse Farmstead in the Outer Hebrides: Excavations at Mound 3, Bornais, South Uist South Uist is a small island in the soutern half of the Outer Hebrides. In the middle of the island lies the township of Bornais. This covers a particularly flat area of land which means that the three mounds can be seen all the more clearly. These mounds have been identified as being from the Viking period, with evidence of pre-Viking habitation at the site coming from Iron Age sherds. The excavation of the Bornais settlement is a long-term project, which has been going since 1994. This first volume of results focuses on Mound 3, but includes a discussion of the topographic and geophysical survey of all the mounds. There is also considerable analysis of the environmental remains and radiocarbon dating..

Tir A'Mhurain: The Outer Hebrides of Scotland A new edition of Paul Strand's beautifully sequenced photographs from his 1954 visit to the rugged island of South Uist, off the west coast of Scotland. Juxtaposing people and the landscape, these staggering beautiful images depict the timeless complicity he saw between humankind and nature in this wild terrain. In the spirit of La France de Profil and Un Pases: Portrait of an Italian Valley, these meditative photographs celebrate the wholesome beauty of everyday life. Whether it is a view of rocks and the sea, of scudding clouds hanging over a seaside hamlet, or the proud figure of an earthbound fisherman before his stone cottage, Strand's transcendent images render the island and its inhabitants timeless and eternal.

A School in South Uist

A School in South Uist These are the memoirs of a teacher from England who became headmaster of Garrynemonie School in South Uist in the 1890s. At that time, the Hebrides were as remote and forbidding to mainlanders as the Antarctic is in the late-1990s. In the 1890s this island was one of the poorest districts in the Outer Hebrides. Roads were no more than rough tracks. Gaelic was the majority language, although children had to learn their lessons in English and few allowances were made for bilingual teaching. Epidemics were frequent and the school had to close its doors because of outbreaks of smallpox, whooping-cough, scarlet fever, mumps and measels. Rea's memoirs show how he strove to meet these difficulties. His pupils recall him as a sincere, hard-working man and an excellent teacher. This work reveals his powers of observation and his interest in the unfamiliar scenes and events he witnessed and recorded.

Stories from South Uist

Stories from South Uist This collection includes every type of tale found on the island of South Uist, from Fingalian heroes and ghost stories to international folktales and humorous and historical anecdotes.

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