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Sri Lanka Cooking

Sri Lankan Flavours
Sri Lankan Flavours: A Journey Through the Island's Food and Culture

Sri Lankan Cookery
Step by Step Sri
Lankan Cookery

Sri Lanka Cooking

The Food of Sri LankaThe Food of Sri Lanka: Authentic Recipes from the Isle of Gems Sri Lanka is one of the least known of the world's great civilizations, dating back over 2500 years. With its rich ethnic stew, dominant ethnic identities are Singhalese, Tamil, and Muslim, and rich, ancient agriculture, this tear-drop shaped island in the Indian Ocean hides one of the most amazing and little-known cuisines in the world. Here, two noted writers have explored Sri Lanka and returned with 60 extraordinary recipes that capture the breadth and depth of Sri Lankan cuisine. Presented in a clear, easy-to-follow style, these recipes include the national favorite, String Hoppers, as well as green prawn curry, beef ball curry, mango curry, and coconut toffee. With asides on colonial influences on the island and its cuisine, this book also offers a complete chapter on tea.

Exotic Tastes of Sri LankaExotic Tastes of Sri Lanka The breathtaking island of Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean and is separated from southeastern India by a mere 30-mile chain of shoals. This proximity to India has had an inevitable effect on Sri Lanka's cuisine, as did the successive Portuguese, Dutch and British occupations. However, over the centuries the majority of these dishes have been modified to suit the local palate. Sample menus, explanations of spice uses and availability, typical cooking techniques, and descriptions of traditional utensils complement the 150 recipes, all adapted for home cooks.

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