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St Abb’s Head

St Abb’s Head National Nature Reserve

St Abbs Nature Reserve
St Abbs National Nature Reserve. The St Abbs
lighthouse, erected in 1862 after the sinking of
the lMartello on Carr Rock. Scotland, Scottish
Borders, St Abbs Nature Reserve. - 20 Inch
Canvas Print (51cm) by Jason Friend

St. Abbs Head
St. Abbs Head, Borders, Scotland. St. Abbs Head
- 40 Inch Canvas Print (101cm) by Robert Harding

St Abb’s Head on the Berwickshire coast is a landmark site for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. This National Nature Reserve is home to thousands of guillemots, kittiwakes, razorbills, shags, fulmars, puffins and herring gulls nesting on narrow ledges from April to August, and the cliffs here offer a spectacular vantage point for observing their behaviour. The Head boasts a wealth of other wildlife which you can learn about at the Nature Reserve Centre, or join a ranger-guided walk and enjoy the views along the coast as you go.


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