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St Andrews Quotations

St Andrews by the Northern Sea,
A haunted town it is to me!
A little city, worn and grey,
The grey North Ocean girds it round,
And o’er the rocks, and up the bay,
The long sea-rollers surge and sound.
And still the thin and biting spray
Drives down the melancholy Street,
And still endure, and still decay,
Towers that the salt winds vainly beat.
Ghost-like and shadowy they stand
Dim-mirrored in the wet sea-sand.

0, broken minster, looking forth
Beyond the bay, above the town,
0, winter of the kindly North,
0, college of the scarlet gown,
And shining sands beside the sea,
And stretch of links beyond the sand,
Once more I watch yOu, and to me
It is as if I touched a hand!
Andrew Lang

"When the British Open is in Scotland, there's something special about it. And when it's at St. Andrews, it's even greater."
Jack Nicklaus

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