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Stirling Quotations

From the field of Bannockburn you obtain the finest view
of Stirling. The Ochils are around you. Yonder sleeps the
Abbey Craig, where, on a summer day, Wight Wallace
sat. You behold the houses climbing up, picturesque,
smoke-feathered; and the wonderful rock, in which the
grace of the lily and the strength of the hills are mingled,
and on which the castle sits as proudly as ever did rose on its stem. Eastward from the castle ramparts stretches a great plain, bounded on either side by mountains, and
before you the vast fertility dies into distance, flat as the
ocean when winds are asleep. It is through this plain that
the Forth has drawn her glittering coils, a silvery
entanglement of loops in the opposite direction, and the
aspect of the country has entirely changed. It undulates
like a rolling sea. Heights swell up into the blackness of
pines, and then sink away into valleys of fertile green. At
your feet the Bridge of Allan sleeps in azure smoke.
Beyond are the classic woods of Keir; and ten miles
farther what see you? a multitude of blue mountains
climbing the heavens! The heart leaps up to greet them -
the ramparts of a land of romance, from the mouths of
whose glens broke of old the foray of the freebooter; and
with a chief in front, with banner and pibroch in the wind,
the terror of the Highland war. Stirling, like a huge
brooch, clasps Highlands and Lowlands together.
Alexander Smith (1865)

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