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Circles Of StoneCircles of Stone Categorised by the publisher as archaeology, history, photography, Circles of Stone does indeed straddle all these subjects. The volume is in itself a work of art, a stimulating introduction to a fascinating aspect of prehistory and a useful work of reference for anyone with an interest in ancient monuments. Fabulous photographs of 70 stone circles from all over the British Isles are accompanied by a factually rich text. The author, an established authority on prehistoric megaliths, gives an interesting impression of how the stones have been variously used and perceived through their long histories. Whilst allowing legend a voice, this text is not the place to find detailed speculation on prehistoric rites or ancient astronomy; its scope is more pragmatic and it includes details of the form and location of each monument and other interesting sites. Chronologically arranged, the selection begins with the circles of the Late Neolithic and ends in the Middle Bronze Age, showing a great variety of form over 2000 years. There is variety too in the photographic views, from panoramas to zoomed-in textural detail. The photographs themselves are dramatic. Taken in many different light conditions, they often capture the stones at their most evocative moments, showing how the illumination of the Sun and Moon and the form of the surrounding landscape is a vital part of their aura, just as was the case in prehistory.

Great Stone Circles: Fables, Fictions, Facts An investigation of the legends surrounding prehistoric stone circles. Archaeologist Audrey Burl has selected a dozen rings, each of which illuminates a particular archaeological question, such as their purpose or construction, and presents explanations of their fascinating mysteries. Stone Circles.

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