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Thai Cooking
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Thailand Cooking
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Thai Cooking

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Simple Thai CookeryKen Hom's Simple Thai Cookery In Simple Thai Cookery, Ken Hom demystifies this delicious and popular cuisine. He describes the basic techniques needed to recreate authentic Thai food and demonstrates 40 of the most well-known dishes with step-by-step instructions and photographs to accompany every stage from start to finish. Ken's recipes appeal to the experienced cook and the novice alike as all are quick and easy to prepare and use readily available ingredients such as lemon grass, ginger and, of course, small Thai chillies. Foolproof instructions will guarantee excellent results every time from healthy Spicy noodle salad or the comforting Coconut chicken soup to sweet and sour Pad thai or hot and spicy Green curry prawns. The tried-and-tested recipes include appetizing soups and starters, quick and easy fish, meat and vegetarian main courses and a variety of delicious accompaniments. Thai Cooking.

Thai Vegetarian CookingThai Vegetarian Cooking In Thai Vegetarian Cooking Vatcharin Bhumichitr has put together his own selection of original Thai vegetarian dishes. Subtly combining the flavours of China and India with a dash of its own inimitable style, Thai food is an exotic concoction of rapidly-cooked fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. Quick to prepare, it is an authentically delicious cuisine for vegetarians or indeed anyone seeking a healthier, meat-free diet. The 130 recipes range from the seductively delicate 'crispy rice with coconut and mushroom sauce' to the more robust and tangy 'stir-fried chilli with water chestnuts'. There are soups, starters and one-dish meals, and a selection of more elaborate delicacies, including curries, main dishes and desserts to tantalize and captivate the palate. Along with advice on equipment, ingredients and how to plan a full Thai meal, the author also creates an evocative picture of Thailand as he explores the religious and cultural importance of vegetarian food in his homeland. Containing atmospheric location photography and succulent food images, this book is both a travel companion and culinary guide. Thai Cooking.

A Taste of ThailandA Taste of Thailand A Taste of Thailand is a culinary tour of this vibrant and spiced country. Vatcharin presents a fascinating history of the country as well as a comprehensive and delicious set of recipes. The author guides the reader through the essential ingredients and preparation, whilst offering suggestions for useful substitutes. Recipes such as Chiang Mai Curry Noodle from up country, Three-Flavoured Fish from the coast and Million-Year-Eggs from the city illustrate the variety in Thai cookery. The recipes are easy to follow and appeal to a beginner and a more experienced cook. Thai Cooking.

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