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The Pyramids

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Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids
Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids

Egypt Pyramids
Pyramid (DK Eye
Wonder (Hardcover))

Pyramids and Tombs of Ancient Egypt
Pyramids and Tombs
of Ancient Egypt:
An Illustrated Guide
to the Burial Sites of a Fascinating Civilization

The Pyramids

Egypt Hotel Deals
Egypt Hotel Deals
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Pyramids Of EgyptPyramids: The Real Story Behind Egypt's Most Ancient Monuments From the development of monumental architecture around 3,000 BC to the fabulous edifices that rose up from the desert plains of Giza, Pyramids chronicles how and why Egypt's pharaohs built on so grand a scale. Joyce Tyldesley, writer, lecturer and broadcaster on Ancient Egypt, cuts away modern myth and prejudice to reveal the truth behind the conception, design and constructiion of these astonishing structures. By tracing Egypt's pyramid-building society back to its roots, Tyldesley not only shows how and why the Egyptians built pyramids, but how the pyramids helped to build Egypt itself.

Tombs and Temples of GizaThe Pyramids, the Sphinx: Tombs and Temples of Giza The only surviving of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Pyramids and Sphinx are the most familiar of all archaeological sites. Despite their popularity, there are no guides that focus on the Giza plateau and its monuments and how they evolved. This comprehensive guide incorporates all of the latest information on the excavations and interpretations of the Sphinx and the Pyramids and puts them in geological, historical and social context. The monuments are fully described along with detailed discussions of how they were constructed and why. Some of the less well-known, but equally interesting, monuments and private tombs at the site are also illustrated, many for the first time in an archaeological guide. The Pyramids.

Engineering the PyramidsEngineering the Pyramids Pyramids are one of the wonders of the ancient world. But one mystery remains, how were they built? Using both the archaeological record and the basic principles of engineering, Dick Parry proposes the Egyptians moved these great stones into place by a system of rollers and ramps, not the sledges beloved of Egyptologists. Engineering the Pyramids provides a rich and accessible account of the design history of the pyramids, the techniques and organisation needed to bring about these heroic feats of effort and engineering and fascinating insights into why the pyramids were designed as they were. Was it to represent the life-giving rays of the sun, or did the Egyptians work out that this was the only way to achieve the mass they desired with the stability needed to stop the whole edifice collapsing?

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