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Tiree Funerals

The excesses indulged in by the natives of Tiree, Scotland, at funerals in bygone days caused the then factor, Colonel Campbell, to enact a law that only three rounds should be allowed to be given to those at the funeral, a round meaning a glassful of spirits. Previously it used to be nine rounds. At the first funeral after this enactment, that of Gilleaspuig Laidir (Strong Archie), or Archie M'Lean, Kilmoluaig (Cill-malimig}, his son came to the Colonel and asked liberty, as it was the first, to be allowed to give the usual allowance, or at least that he would not be confined to the exact three. The Colonel was unmoved, and would not allow his laws to be broken as soon as made. The son went home quite downhearted at the disgrace and dishonour he was compelled to submit to. A happy idea came to his head, by which he would be able to show respect to both the living and the dead, thus, he got two bull's horns, corked at the one end, and made so as to hold three glassfuls. He gave three rounds of the horns; and thus the Colonel's laws were observed, and his father buried with the usual nine glasses apiece to each at the funeral.

Lord Archibald Campbell, 1846-1913.

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