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Cairo Hotel Deals
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Tour CairoCairo: The Practical Guide Advice gathered from a wide range of Cairo insiders, both native and foreign, gives the reader a cornucopia of current facts on prices, neighborhoods, product availability, work and business opportunities, and the dizzying range of cultural and leisure pursuits that Cairo is famous for. The format of this edition addresses the needs of independently minded tourists as well as residents by the inclusion of: an A to Z directory of goods, services, and interests subdivided by neighborhood; a language section on the basics of Cairene Arabic; and details on shopping and sightseeing from a resident's perspective. Tour Cairo.

Cairo MuseumThe Cairo Museum: Masterpieces of Egyptian Art This work is a showcase for the treasures of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Following the chronological layout of the Museum, the book tours the collections held in each hall, with accompanying text by international Egyptologists. Highlights include the 4000-year-old jewels of a princess from Dahshur, shown for the first time to a non-specialist audience, the funerary treasure of Queen Ahhotep, the tombs of the kings and queens at Tanis on the Nile Delta, and statues from the Temple of AmenRe at Karnak. Tour Cairo.

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