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Chatsworth HouseChatsworth: The House Chatsworth is one of England's ten most visited great houses. It is also one of its best loved ones because, although it is a palace in size and grandeur, it is obviously a family home. Fourteen generations of Cavendishes have lived here; each has added to the collections, and each has stamped its own personality on the place. In this tour of the house, the Duchess takes the reader into the private as well as the public rooms, and goes behind the scenes to explain the management of the household and the work of the staff needed to keep it going. She describes the events after 1950 when her husband inherited the Dukedom and together embarked on the tasks of conserving, revitalizing, redecorating and running Chatsworth. The tasks, and the pleasures they bring, continue to this day.

The Garden at ChatsworthThe Garden at Chatsworth One hundred and five acres in extent, over four hundred years in the making, visited by hundreds of thousands of guests all year, every year, the gardens of the ducal house of Chatsworth are among the most famous and celebrated in the world. But with such beauty and fame come a terrific responsibility, and not a few horticultural headaches. As the Duchess puts it: the gardens are "an intimidating place to go out with a trowel". Despite her inhibitions, the Duchess of Devonshire has been an admired and energetic chatelaine of Chatsworth since she first came to these Derbyshire gardens as a young wife in the 1930s. Indeed she probably now knows the gardens, from the Laburnum walk to the famous Cascade to the Crinkle-Crankle Hedge, better than anyone, and is supremely qualified to write their history. Tour Chatsworth.

Tour ChatsworthThe Chatsworth Villages of Beeley, Edensor and Pilsley (Landmark Collector's Library) Takes a look at three villages in the Duke of Devonshire's estate in Chatsworth, Derbyshire. This book brings together a selection of some 250 photographs and 26,000 words, captions and brief historical notes of interest, to capture the life and times of the villages of Beeley, Edensor, and Pilsley.

ChatsworthChatsworth: A Landscape History The seat of the Cavendish family since 1549, Chatsworth is more than a great country house: it is one of Europe's finest designed landscapes. This book tells the story of Chatsworth's park and gardens, a grand, thousand-year narrative which draws together evidence from a wealth of different sources, especially Chatsworth's own archives and recent systematic surveys of the park's earthworks and trees. John Barnatt and Tom Williamson have been responsible for much of the research which has transformed our understanding of this magnificent landscape. In this book they show how its history is like a tapestry. Particular individuals, for instance Elizabeth of Hardwick, the successive Dukes of Devonshire, 'Capability' Brown and Joseph Paxton, come and go, weave their distinctive threads, and then move on. The authors trace these threads backwards and forwards in time, showing in detail the process of landscape evolution. As well as exploring the landscaping schemes of 1600 to 1900, they reveal for the first time Chatsworth's earlier history: the details of the medieval and earlier field systems and settlements that existed at Chatsworth 'BC' - Before Cavendish' - and which still underlie the park. Illustrated with historic maps, paintings and archaeological plans, this is a book for every enthusiast of landscape and garden history.

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