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Whether you are looking for a self-guided Gambia tour or want to join a guided tour of Gambia, you will find a tour to suit your needs here. Click below to find some of the best guided and self-guided Gambia tours available today. Many of these Gambia tour packages feature unique Gambia tour opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. Gambia - Order FREE Travel Brochure!.

The Gambia and SenegalThe Gambia and Senegal (Lonely Planet Country Guide) This is the only guidebook to comprehensively cover both Gambia and Senegal. There is in-depth coverage of Dakar's heady nightlife and Senegal's thriving music scene, as well as arts and culture. There is in-depth arts and culture coverage, from glass painting to preparing green tea. There is extended coverage on the what, where and when of birdwatching, and full coverage of the popular resorts on the beautiful Atlantic coast. Tour Gambia.

Birds of the Gambia and SenegalBirds of the Gambia and Senegal (Helm Field Guides) The Gambia is a top birding destination, combining a terrific diversity and concentration of species with a good tourist infrastructure. It is the perfect introduction to African birding. Numerous regional specialities guarantee enduring popularity with more experienced 'world-listers'. This is the standard field guide to one of the world's most popular and impressive birding regions. It is illustrated with 48 stunning colour plates, depicting each species in all its plumages. These plates are supplemented by useful line drawings and figures. The concise text has been exhaustively researched, and reflects the considerable field experience of the authors. It includes essential information on field identification, as well as voice, behaviour, habitat and distribution. The introduction provides an overview of the region's history, geography and ecology. The clear layout and practical format make this book ideal for use in the field.

Senegal SufismSufism and Religious Brotherhoods in Senegal This book is an objective study of the state of Islam in Senegal and of the religious factors that influence it. Islam in Senegal is characterized by the strong intrenchment of a certain number of Sufi brotherhoods. In effect, the majority of Senegal's 7,600,000 Muslims consider adherence to a brotherhood, a tariqa, to be a religious obligation, in keeping with the well-known Sufi maxim "He who does not have a shaykh will have Satan for a guide." Mbacke traces the genesis and evolution of Sufism in order to explain the circumstances that permitted the emergence of Sufi brotherhoods. He describes the brotherhoods that are currently active in Senegal and depicts the means and manner of their diffusion, the lives of their founding figures, their basic teachings, their internal organization, the links they maintain with each other, and the role they play in the country's cultural, economic, social and political life. The book uses its study of the present condition of Senegal's Sufi brotherhoods to speculate on their future evolution.

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