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Walking in the Isles of ScillyWalking in the Isles of Scilly: A Guide to Exploring the Islands (Cicerone Guide) Basking in sunshine, rising green and pleasant from the blue Atlantic Ocean, fringed by rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, the Isles of Scilly are a joy to explore. The Isles form the smallest of Britain's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and their historic shores have been designated as Heritage Coast. The surrounding sea is protected as a marine park. Archaeological remains abound, not only on the islands, but submerged beneath the sea. While the walks in this guidebook could be completed in as little as a week, a fortnight would allow a much more leisurely appreciation of the islands, and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Secret Nature of the Isles of ScillySecret Nature of the Isles of Scilly Secret Nature of The Isles of Scilly is a comprehensive guidebook to the island's wildlife, and to the species that are special to Scilly. It includes: an island-by-island guide to footpaths, trails, visitor centres and Sites of Special Scientific Interest; a comprehensive list of the species that make the Isles of Scilly special, from seals to subtropical plants; what to see, and where and when to see it; and geology and climate, and how they affect wildlife.

Birds of the Isles of ScillyBirds of the Isles of Scilly (County Avifaunas S.) This is an avifauna for the Isles of Scilly, one of the most popular and exciting birding sites in the whole of Britain. The islands' position, out to the south-west of the tip of Cornwall, means that they are often first landfall for the lost migrant birds from both Europe and Asia to the east, and North America to the west. The annual October pilgrimage to Scilly is a fixed point on many birders' calendars, and these tiny islands have hosted a considerable proportion of extreme rarities and "firsts for Britain". Scilly also has a small but interesting breeding bird population, including some important seabird colonies. This book discusses in detail the status and distribution, past and present, of every bird recorded on Scilly. For the great rarities, a breakdown of all records is provided. Extensive introductory sections describe the climate, vegetation, general ecology and land use of the islands, plus the history of birding and conservation on Scilly. This book is illustrated throughout with line drawings, plus a wealth of maps and charts.

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