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Tour Istanbul

Tour Istanbul
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Tour IstanbulIstanbul (Eyewitness Travel Guides) Tour Istanbul. Whether you are travelling first class or on a budget, this Eyewitness Travel Guide should lead you straight to the very best Istanbul has to offer. See the dervishes perform their famous whirling dance, explore the narrow streets of the bazaar or just relax for the night in a Turkish bath. With cutaway maps, 3D models and easy-to-use street finder references, this one-stop guide provides all the insider knowledge you need.

Istanbul CityIstanbul (StyleCity S.) Tour Istanbul. Bridging Asia and Europe, Istanbul exudes exoticism and modernity, romance and splendour, complexity and contradiction. StyleCity Istanbul revels in the city's creative dynamism, from its glorious Turkish baths and coffee houses to its artisanal shops, from its trendy rooftop bars and traditional restaurants to its lesser-known cultural hotspots and mosques.

Istanbul Guide"Time Out" Istanbul Tour Istanbul. Capital of two major empires, the Byzantine and Ottoman, Istanbul is rich with monuments, from the earliest of Christian cathedrals to the most decadent of oriental palaces. The city's bazaars offer shopping at its rawest; a glittery array of one million and one merchants, no departments, no signs, no loyalty cards. It boasts a cuisine descended from the courts of the sultans, and only starts to party once the UK has gone to bed. Surrounded by sea, built on seven hills and with a panoramic profile of spiky minarets and cascading domes, from almost any angle it's breathtakingly gorgeous.

Travellers IstanbulA Traveller's Companion to Istanbul Tour Istanbul. Drawing on diaries, letters, memoirs, histories and novels written from the 6th century AD, this anthology recreates for today's visitors the vanished glories of Constantinople through to modern day Istanbul. Publisher Constable and Robinson.

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