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Istanbul Hotel Deals
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IstanbulIstanbul: Memories of a City Turkey's greatest living novelist guides us through the monuments and lost paradises, dilapidated Ottoman villas, back streets and waterways of Istanbul, the city of his birth and the home of his imagination. This is a supremely moving account of one man's love affair with the city that has been his home since his birth.

Time Out Istanbul"Time Out" Istanbul Capital of two major empires, the Byzantine and Ottoman - Istanbul is rich with monuments, from the earliest of Christian cathedrals to the most decadent of oriental palaces. The city's bazaars offer shopping at its rawest; a glittery array of one million and one merchants, no departments, no signs, no loyalty cards. It boasts a cuisine descended from the courts of the sultans, and only starts to party once the UK has gone to bed. Surrounded by sea, built on seven hills and with a panoramic profile of spiky minarets and cascading domes, from almost any angle it's breathtakingly gorgeous.

Citypack IstanbulAA Citypack Istanbul (AA CityPack Guides) Make the most of your trip to Istanbul with this new edition in the AA's bestselling pocket guide series. With essential information on what to do and where to go, CityPacks have been created specifically for the short break visitor. A practical indispensable, fully indexed street map of the city is provided to help you find your way. The authors selection of the 'Top 25' sights in the city of Istanbul, each with a list of highlights and practical details, gives hints on the best places to visit. Plus, detailed suggestions for shopping, entertainment and accommodation, also restaurant recommendations for different price levels and types of cuisine.

Istanbul StyleIstanbul (StyleCity) Bridging Asia and Europe, Istanbul exudes exoticism and modernity, romance and splendour, complexity and contradiction. StyleCity Istanbul revels in the city's creative dynamism, from its glorious Turkish baths and coffee houses to its artisanal shops, from its trendy rooftop bars and traditional restaurants to its lesser-known cultural hotspots and mosques.

Historic and modern, European and Asian, that's Istanbul. The city at the junction of two continents is home to ancient structures like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque in the Old City, as well as modern businesses, hotels, restaurants and nightlife in the New City. The sight of mosques and bustling bazaars and the smell of incense and spices are common in Istanbul. Across the Bosporus Strait, the Asian side of Istanbul offers a glimpse into everyday, residential life.

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