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Liverpool Hotel Deals
Liverpool Hotel Deals
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Hope Street Hotel, 40 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9DA, England. Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor.

Walks Through Liverpool HistoryWalks Through History: Liverpool (Walks Through History S.) Liverpool is a great city to explore on foot. It has many interesting buildings and stories, some very beautiful parks and gardens, and many different urban landscapes, from the breezy hills and football stadiums of Everton and Anfield to the salty industry of the docks and the fascinating back streets and grandeur of the city centre. It is a small and compact city and can easily be walked across in two or three hours. This book of Liverpool walks is a celebration of the beauty and poetry of the city, the unexpected names and people encountered, and the ever-changing landscapes. It is a guidebook to the city's odd corners, and a practical handbook of urban exploration. The walks featured include industrial walks for the serious urban explorer, such as the 12-mile line of the old Overhead Railway; family walks through attractive areas of the city and suburbs and architectural walks to discover the city's rich heritage of buildings. Tour Liverpool.

LiverpoolLiverpool 800: Character, Culture and History Ancestry and origin fascinate America. Study of the genealogy of this rich and diverse nation establishes a seldom recognized fact: the importance of Liverpool in its foundation. As the leading European port of migration to America millions of emigrants flowed down the quayside of Liverpool docks in search of new adventures on the other side of the Atlantic; as the world's leading slave port Liverpool also played a part in the forced upheaval of less willing migrants. Liverpool was also a centre for international fundraising and espionage during the US Civil War and was the Headquarters of the Atlantic command, controlling British and American shipping under attack in the Second World War. More recently the City's influence on America has been cultural: the birthplace of the Beatles, home of one of the world's most famous soccer teams, and surprisingly, its streets are a frequent double for the US in both British and American made movies. The City of New York was awarded the prestigious Freedom of the City of Liverpool in 2003, and Liverpool has official friendship links with both Memphis and New Orleans. In anticipation of the City's 800th anniversary in 2007, "Liverpool 800" is the definitive biography of this magnificent world city. The book uses the latest historical research to explore the life of Liverpool over eight centuries right up to the present day, and includes detailed sections on politics, economy, and culture.

Liverpool CathedralThe Cathedral, Church of Christ in Liverpool This book is a celebration of the architecture and craftsmanship which continue to astonish visitors to Liverpool. It also tells another story, of the building of the Cathedral in the heart of a great city, through two world wars, economic decline and social and industrial unrest. Against this backdrop, the Cathedral has become a symbol of stability and regeneration, in a city whose fortunes are, once again, resurgent. Tour Liverpool.

Dream Palaces of LiverpoolDream Palaces of Liverpool Picture Palaces is a chronicle of the way in which film entertainment in Liverpool has developed. Cataloguing virtually every cinema that has existed in the city, Picture Palaces is ideal for anyone interested in Liverpool’s unique heritage.

Illustrated History of LiverpoolThe Illustrated History of Liverpool's Suburbs The Illustrated History of Liverpool's Suburbs is the first single-volume history of the development of the residential areas of the city. The author chronicles the growth of the suburbs from the early 19th century and illuminates the lives of people who lived in them. His fascinating book will appeal to anyone with an interest in the story of Liverpool. The narrative is illustrated with more than 200 photographs, drawings and maps from Liverpool Record Office, most of which have never been published before. David Lewis shows how the countryside, farms and villages developed into the urban streets, residential areas, shopping districts and industrial estates that are so familiar today. In the course of the last 150 years, the outskirts of the city have been transformed, and they have expanded, in a way that would astonish Liverpool residents of just a few generations ago. In this detailed and fully illustrated account of the suburbs, the author offers a concise history of each district. He also features local anecdotes and folklore and recalls remarkable episodes and notable individuals who played their part in the story. David Lewis's fascinating survey will be essential reading and reference for Liverpool residents, past and present, who take an interest in their neighbourhood and in the complex, surprising history of the city itself.

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