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Llandudno Hotel Deals
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LlandudnoLlandudno: Queen of Welsh Resorts (Landmark Collector's Library) Ivor Wynne Jones' original book, Llandudno, Queen of the Welsh Resorts, was first published over a quarter of a century ago. Long out of print, the book has been widely recognised as the essential handbook to this Welsh seaside town. Now, Landmark are bringing out a new edition, over three times the length of the original, incorporating many of the changes to the town and including a number of previously unpublished photographs. The new Llandudno, Queen of Welsh Resorts, retains the friendly format of the original, based on a series of topographical walks, but with the inclusion of some fascinating new material. There are war-time features on the U-boat rendezvous at Llandudno, the Wormhout Massacre of the Territorial Army and the Llandudno battalions at Mametz. The book also looks at Llandudno's operatic and theatrical tradition, the town's connection with Lewis Carol and Alice in Wonderland, and poses the key question "Did Madoc of Llandudno discover America?" Tour Llandudno.

A GwyneddA Gwynedd (Guide to Ancient & Historic Wales) Part of the Ancient and Historic Wales series, this guidebook takes the reader on a tour of the history of Gwynedd. The 150 sites covered range from the monumental tombs of the first farmers to the circles and cairns of the Bronze Age, from the forts of the Roman army to the strongholds of the English King Edward 1, and from early Christian graves to Cistercian monasteries. It provides knowledge of the moors and mountains, the ruins of the tombs and castles of the great, and the evocative remains of more mundane homes and workplaces. One of the best methods of conservation is to awaken in people an awareness of the value of the ancient sites which enrich our landscape. This series of guides to Wales aims to do so, by providing the reader with a tangible link with the past. Tour Llandudno.

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