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Norwich Hotel Deals
Norwich Hotel Deals
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The Norfolk Mead Hotel, Norwich NR12 7DN, England. Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor.

Medieval NorwichMedieval Norwich Throughout the middle ages, Norwich was one of the most populous and celebrated cities in England. Dominated by its castle and cathedral priory, it was the centre of government power in East Anglia, as well as an important trading entrepot. With records dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, and many buildings surviving from the middle ages, the history of medieval Norwich is an exceptionally rich one. Medieval Norwich is an account of the growth of the city, with its walls, streams, markets, hospitals and churches, and the lives of its citizens. It traces activities and beliefs, as well as the tensions lying not far beneath the surface that eventually erupted in Kett’s Rebellion of 1549.

Julian of NorwichJulian of Norwich: Mystic and Theologian Julian of Norwich, an anchoress of the 14th century, continues to attract much interest. Her life remains in many ways a mystery since she says nothing in her writing about the world in which she grew up, how she was educated or how she became an anchoress. This biography attempts not only to penetrate her theological ideas, but also to open up her world and her life. The result is an account of the life and thought of an extraordinary woman mystic whose insights into spiritual growth and wholeness are of universal and timely significance. In the new introduction to this edition, Grace Jantzen explores what it might mean to be an anchoress in postmodernity, and how reflections on Julian of Norwich and her desire for God can enable us to become the space of divine transformation.

NorwichNorwich Since 1550 Norwich remained the second largest city in England until the eighteenth century. Its history over the last 450 years is of exceptional interest. Norwich since 1550 is a full account of the post-medieval history of the city and covers all aspects of Norwich life, including its population, housing, churches and chapels, politics, work, education, arts, architecture and medical care. It brings out Norwich’s individuality and shows how it became the city it is today. While Norwich changed and developed in many ways over the centuries, its textiles could not compete with those of the northern boom towns of the Industrial Revolution. Instead it settled into its role as a regional and banking capital.

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