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AA Street by Street Derby, Leicester, Nottingham: Maxi (AA Street by Street S.)


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Nicholson Guide to the Waterways: Nottingham, York & the North East No. 6 (Waterways Guide S.)

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Nottingham and Sherwood Forest
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Nottinghamshire Hotel Deals
Nottinghamshire Hotel Deals
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Lace Market Hotel, 29-31 High Pavement, Nottingham NG1 1HE, England. Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor.

Tour NottinghamshireNottinghamshire (Pevsner Buildings of England S.) Full of memorable and surprising buildings, Nottingham is a county that rewards close investigation. Great medieval churches are represented by Worksop, Newark and by Southwell, with its exquisite carved 'leaves'. Of its country houses, Wollaton Hall shows Elizabethan architecture at its most fantastic, Bunny Hall the English Baroque at its most bizarre, while Lord Byron's Newstead Abbey incorporates one of the strangest of all monastic ruins. The city of Nottingham, marvellously set between hills, is crowded with sturdy Victorian and Edwardian commercial buildings, and enlivened by a strong local tradition of first-rate Modernist architecture. Tour Nottinghamshire.

The Robin Hood HandbookThe Robin Hood Handbook Robin Hood, whether riding through the glen, robbing the rich to pay the poor or giving the Sheriff of Nottingham his come-uppance, is one of the most captivating and controversial legendary figures. Was there a historical figure behind the legends? Did Robin and his Merry Men rampage through Sherwood Forest, or, as many scholars now believe, is it extremely unlikely that he ever set foot in Nottinghamshire, spending most of his time in Barnsdale Wood in Yorkshire? "The Robin Hood Handbook" provides a comprehensive guide to the characters, places, people, stories and background of this enduring popular hero. Mike Dixon-Kennedy ranges far and wide in his quest to present as complete a picture as possible of the doings of the indestructible hero, including ballads, poems, proverbs, films, novels, folklore, musicals and place-names. This unique reference work will be invaluable for anyone interested in the Robin Hood story, in folklore and mythology or in English local history. Tour Nottinghamshire.

Life in a Nottingham Lace FactoryDon't Be Late on Monday: Life in a Nottingham Lace Factory Lace-making was a hugely important industry in Nottingham during the 20th century, employing thousands of local people in hundreds of factories across the city. In Don't be late on Monday Mark Ashfield tells the story of the people who worked at just one of these factories, drawing on his long career in lace-making that lasted from 1936 until 1984, with a break of just four and a half years during World War Two. With humour, affection, and an eye for the details that characterised life in Nottingham in years gone by, the author recalls day-to-day episodes from the factory to give an accurate picture of a vanished way of life. He tells of company excursions by train to the seaside, which were a highlight of the year for the hard-working employees, and remembers such moments as the day the boss lost the keys to the safe and had to call a locksmith to break into it so that he could pay the wages, and the day the pigeon-catchers came to fill sacks with roosting birds from the rafters of the building, to stop them damaging the slates. But most of all the book is a tribute to the remarkable people, from the office boy to the company owner, who laboured in the lace trade and added to the reputation of the once-great industry. This delightful book is a fascinating memoir of an industry that was once at the heart of life in Nottingham. Mark Ashfield's lively and engaging account is sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of the city, its industry and its people.

NottinghamshireNottinghamshire: The Midland Stronghold (The King's England) The long procession of Nottinghamshire luminaries, from Robin Hood to Jesse Boot, all receive their due mention in this guide, but also central is Arthur Mee's love of a good story. It is illustrated with many plates denoting Nottinghamshire, "the Midland Stronghold", in all its pre-war finery. Tour Nottinghamshire.

Around NottinghamFrancis Frith's Around Nottingham (Photographic Memories S.) A collection of around 100 detailed photographs of Nottingham from the Frith archive. There are extended captions to the pictures and a full introduction is included. The price quoted includes a voucher to be redeemed with the publisher for a free mounted print of any view in the book. Tour Nottinghamshire.

Illustrated Of NottinghamThe Illustrated History of Nottingham's Suburbs The Illustrated History of Nottingham's Suburbs shows how the countryside, farms and villages around Nottingham developed into the urban streets, residential areas, shopping districts and industrial estates that are so familiar today. In the course of the last 200 years, the outskirts of the city have been transformed and expanded in a way that would astonish Nottingham residents of just a few generations ago.

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