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PamplonaPamplona: Running the Bulls, Bars, and Barrios in Fiesta De San Fermin In a city centuries old, an unbridled explosion of merriment takes centre stage for nine days each year. Danger and death dance in the streets each morning as six fighting bulls race toward the bullring where they will die in the afternoon. Champagne corks skyrocket as revellers celebrate a saint martyred hundreds of years ago. Bands play in the cobblestone streets all night, and barrooms swell with adventurous travellers from all corners of the globe. Pamplona's Fiesta has been described as the best week you can live on the planet, and this book takes you to the epicentre of the grand festival in Spain's Basque country. Tour Pamplona.

Adventure in PamplonaRunning with the Bulls: Fiestas, Corridas, Toreros, and an American's Adventure in Pamplona In Running With The Bulls, Gary Gray grabs hold of us and takes us on a grand and intimate tour of one of Spain's most passionate and historic cities. In 1926, Ernest Hemingway brought the frenetic charge of Pamplona's Festival of San Fermin to life in The Sun Also Rises. Today, that same energy still exists for the hundreds of thousands of people who descend upon the city every July. At the centre of the celebration is the famous encierro, the running of the bulls. In this traditional event, thousands of thrill-seeking men and women race through the narrow streets of Pamplona just steps ahead of half a dozen angry bulls, each bred to kill and brandishing razor-sharp horns that can impale a victim in a split second. The goal of the corredores, the runners, is to usher the bulls into the Plaza de Toros where, that afternoon, each will meet his death under the sword of a torero, or bullfighter. Gray, has participated in the encierro every year for over two decades. He has befriended dozens of Pamplonicas, many of whom are closely tied to the inner circle of the Festival. From this unique perspective, he leads us on several crazed sprints to the Plaza de Toros.

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