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Peterhead was founded by fishermen and was developed as a planned settlement. In 1593 the construction of Peterhead's first harbour, Port Henry, encouraged the growth of Peterhead as a fishing port and established a base for trade. A lifeboat station was first established in 1865. Since early times Peterhead has received a portion of its water supply from Morris Wells. Peterhead convict prison was opened in 1888, gaining a reputation as one of Scotland's toughest prisons.

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Bygone PeterheadBygone Peterhead gives a taste of early to mid-twentieth century life in the old harbour town with a wide variety of photographs. Local industry is represented by the herring boats and their fishermen and fishwives, together with other businesses important to the Peterhead in the past such as the Great North of Scotland Granite Co. and the Invernettie Brickworks. The harbour is strongly featured with a stunning photograph of around 9,000 spectators at the ceremony to commemorate the completion of work at South Harbour in 1908. There are also treats such as Peterhead's first fire engine and James Cassie's general store, which sold everything from tea to guns. Bygone Peterhead.

Peterhead PorridgePeterhead Porridge. There’s nothing much that’s funny about a long stretch in Peterhead Prison, or is there? Behind the bars of one of the UK’s toughest jails, you’ll find the drugs, riots and fighting which make the headlines but, as the cons go about their daily routine, there’s also humour and stories aplenty as some of the hardest and most violent men in British crime do their time. James Crosbie was Britain’s most wanted man in 1974. With a successful business and an enviable lifestyle, he seemed to have everything going for him – until he got bored with his life and turned to armed robbery. He ended up in Peterhead Prison, doing time with some of the hardest, and funniest, men in crime. Peterhead Porridge is a remarkable account of the people he met. People like The Saughton Harrier who escaped from prison by dressing up as a runner, complete with running vest and number, and joining in as a race went by. And another escapee, Tweety Pie, was so-called because, when he flew the coop, he had a nasty case of jaundice. Then there’s Square Go, the prison warder who was always up for a fight. And discover the practical jokes that were the trademark of Glasgow’s Godfather Arthur Thompson and what really happened when someone poured their porridge over his head in the breakfast queue. Funny, sad and at times barely believable, Peterhead Porridge is a unique insight into the other side of prison life. Peterhead Porridge: Tales from the Funny Side of Scotland's Most Notorious Prison.

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