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Safe Sanctuaries

Safe Sanctuaries: Security and Defence... in Anglo-Scottish Border Churches, 1296-1603. This text is about the fortified churches which form a feature of the borderlands between Scotland and England. Through these buildings the author draws a picture of the people and events which shaped this land, from the actions of government to events and incidents which shaped everyday lives.

Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey This is the first authoritative account of Scotland's most famous medieval monastery.

The Harvest of the Hills

The Harvest of the Hills: Rural Life in... Northern England and the Scottish Borders, 1400-1700. This illustrated environmental history of rural life in Northern England and the Scottish Borders in the late medieval and early modern periods explores the relationship between society and the environment - the ways in which humans responded to and used the environment in which they lived. The author uses the orders and bylaws made by manorial courts to build up a picture of how pastoral society in the Pennine, Lake District and Border hills husbanded the resources of the uplands. It offers an upland, pastoral paradigm of land use, the management of common land, and the transition from medieval to early-modern farming systems to balance the extensive literature on the agrarian history of the lowlands.

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