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Abandoned Houses in Village of Hirta, St. Kilda, Western Isles, Scotland. Abandoned Houses in Village of Hirta, St. Kilda, Western Isles, Scotland Stretched Canvas Poster Print by Grant Dixon, 24x32.

St Kilda Photographs
St Kilda Photographs

Old St Kilda Photographs
Old St Kilda Photographs


Island on the Edge of the World: Story... of St.Kilda. A part of Britain but a world apart, St Kilda society existed almost completely isolated from the mainstream of civilization for more than 1000 years. Increased contact with the mainland during the 19th century brought about the downfall of what many once regarded as an ideal society. Missionaries and tourists brought money, disease and despotism. In 1930 the islanders, who could no longer support themselves, were finally evacuated at their own request. The island, which is difficult to access, is now a nature reserve. The island's story was chiefly recorded by outsiders. This book examines the island and the St Kildan society as a microcosm of a process which is consistently taking place, often on a much larger scale, all over the world. St Kilda remains a symbol of the ability of man to survive in the most hostile of environments and it remains a fascination unique among islands. This new edition of Charles Maclean's study of the island contains an introduction highlighting recent findings about St Kilda.

The Fulmar and the Rock: A Fable of St... Kilda.

St. Kilda: The Continuing Story of the... Island. The story of the inhabitants of St Kilda, and the final abandonment of their homes in 1930, is reminder of the fragility of small communities. St Kilda is now bereft of its indigenous population, but has become a centre for study of the natural world. This text reflects on these changes. The essays, written by distinguished historians and scientists, describe the history, buildings, archaeology, bird, animal and marine-life of St Kilda - exploring both the past and possible future. The book also features a collection of photographs.

Sound of Harris, North Uist, Taransay... and St.Kilda (Landranger Maps)

St.Kilda: Settlement and Structures on... Hirta.

Sound of Harris and St.Kilda (Landranger... Map)

St Kilda and the Wider World: Tales of... an Iconic Island.

An Isle Called Hirte: History and... Culture of St.Kilda to 1930.

St. Kilda Heritage. Scottish Genealogy Society.

Excavations on Hirta, 1986-90... Archaeology and Ethnology of St.Kilda.

Place Names of St. Kilda: Nomina... Hirtensia.Part of the "Celtic Studies" series, this text examines the islands of St Kilda and the linguistic history of their place-names.

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