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StonehengeStonehenge Britain's leading expert on stone circles turns his attention to the greatest example of them all, Stonehenge. Drawing on forty years of research and fieldwork, archaeologist Aubrey Burl offers a seminal new view of the changing cults and evolving architecture of Stonehenge. Every aspect of Stonehenge is re-considered in this groundbreaking volume. Burl explains for the first time how the outlying Heel Stone long predates Stonehenge itself, serving as a trackway marker in the prehistoric Harroway. He uncovers new evidence that the Welsh bluestones were brought to Stonehenge by glaciation rather than by man. And he reveals just how far the design of Stonehenge was influenced by Breton styles and by Breton cults of the dead. Meticulously researched, the book sets the record straight on the matter of Stonehenge's astronomical alignments. Although the existence of a sightline to the midsummer sunrise is well known, the alignment and the viewing-position are critically different from popular belief. And until now the existence of an earlier alignment to the moon and a later one to the midwinter sunset has been little appreciated. One almost unexplained puzzle remains. The site of Stonehenge lies at the heart of a vast six-mile wide graveyard. All around it are groups of earthen long barrows, the burial places of Neolithic people, many of whom died more than a thousand years before Stonehenge. The mystery is that before Stonehenge there was a vacuum two miles across inside that cemetery. Nothing was inside. Why? Burl points to an answer.

Stonehenge and Timber CirclesStonehenge and Timber Circles Tour Stonehenge. Praised by The Archaeologist as a very readable and stimulating review, the author's ground-breaking study is brought up to date in the light of the latest archaeological evidence. The author shows how Stonehenge can help us to understand the Neolithic and Bronze Age timber circles of Britain and Ireland and how theses timber circles aid our understanding of Stonehenge. He attempts their reconstruction, discusses their possible usages and functions, and describes how rituals may have changed through time. The relationship of timber circles with henges and stone circles is also explored.

Sacred Sites of the Knights TemplarSacred Sites of the Knights Templar: The Ancient Secrets Hidden in Stonehenge, Rennes-Le-Chateau and Santiago De Compostela Sacred Sites of the Knights Templar examines a number of sacred megalithic sites such as Stonehenge and Rennes-le-Chateau, revealing the astronomical significance of these sites as well as the secrets that bore significance to the Knights Templar. This fascinating book explores the connections between megalithic sites dedicated to astronomy and the Knights Templar. It should appeal to the buyers of Knight and Lomas's books as well as to history, archaeology and astronomy buffs.

Tour StonehengeStonehenge Complete Tour Stonehenge. People have puzzled over Stonehenge for centuries, speculating and dreaming about it, drawing and painting it, trying to make sense of it. This is the story of the one real Stonehenge, as well as the many unreal Stonehenges that archaeologists, mystics, astronomers, artists and poets have made out of it.

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