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The Norfolk BroadsThe Norfolk Broads: A Landscape History This lavishly illustrated book tells the story of the evolution of the Norfolk Broads and its landscape. Much has been written in the past about the wildlife and ecology of this fascinating region. This is the first book to deal specifically with the contribution of humans to the landscape. It describes how the diverse environments of Broadland were first shaped in the middle ages, and how they were constantly modified in succeeding centuries by changing forms of economy, and by changing patterns of social and tenurial organisation. It describes the profound impact of this 'rural' landscape of industry and commerce, and charts the recent impact of tourism and agribusiness on the environment.

The Broads GuideThe Broads (Collins New Naturalist S.) Discusses the history of the Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk, the waters in the past and the waters now, the people who come into contact with and influence these waterways, and what the future holds for this small but important waterway.

Norfolk WeatherThe Norfolk and Suffolk Weather Book (Country Weather S.) This volume is a pictorial record of the most dramatic weather events in East Anglia from the great medieval storms to the drought of 1989-92 and the summer of 1993. The book includes 160 illustrations of floods, freezes, tempests, tornadoes, deluges, dust-devils, hailstones and heatwaves. It records the Norfolk and Suffolk weather events from the eroding cliffs on the east to the frequently flooded fens on the west, from the river valleys in the south to the marshlands in the north.

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