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Walking the River
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Germany Hotel Deals
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The RhineThe Rhine: Culture and Landscape at the Heart of Europe Tour The Rhine. From its twin sources in high Swiss alps to its delta in the North Sea, the Rhine is Europe's most important river, historically, culturally and artistically. Flowing majestically through the continent, it serves as a boundary between nations and a unifying force, timelessly conveying both spiritual currents and merchandise and inspiring pilgrims, painters, sculptors, architects, poets, writers and composers. This superb panorama of the Rhine's artistic landscape shows the river and the cities, villages, cathedrals, monasteries and castles that abound along its course in all their true magnificence. World-renowned masterpieces of painting (such as Grunewald's Isenheim Altarpiece), sculpture (the Breisach Altar) and goldsmiths' work (the Shrine of the Three Kings in Cologne) are among the astonishing variety of treasures in every field of art, all gloriously illustrated and knowledgeably described in their historical, art historical and geographical context.

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