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Tour TurinThe Civilized Traveller's Guide to Turin Nestled between the Alps and the river Po in northwest Italy, Turin was hailed by Le Corbusier as the most beautifully set city he'd ever seen and by de Chirico as the "most profound, most enigmatic, most disquieting city not only of Italy, but of the world." A Civilized Traveller's Guide to Turin is a passionate and selective guide to the city, as practical as the commercial guides but more personal in tone, one willing to assume its reader is as interested in Turin's illustrious history and culture as in its abundant food shops and museums. A city of more than a million people, Turin has a historic centre that merges the Baroque and the Art Nouveau, with streets named for typographers and publishers and views of the Alps around every corner. The first capital of a united Italy, it is where Italo Calvino, Primo Levi and Cesare Pavese lived and wrote; where Antonio Gramsci decried the plight of young Sardinian immigrants; and where partisan resistance overcame Fascist control and German occupation in the Second World War. Today Turin, at the heart of the Slow Food movement, is as vibrant as ever and as delightful to visit as more renowned, and more crowded, destinations in Italy. This charming, compact and informative guidebook is suitable for visits of any length and features: detailed listings of Turin's cultural attractions, from the one-of-a-kind Museum of Cinema to the Museum of Alpine Mountaineering to the Museum of the Marionette; personal recommendations to Turin's hotels, restaurants, cafes, and shops guided walks through the city's Roman, Baroque, and modern neighborhoods; suggestions for short trips to the surrounding countryside, ideas for what to do with children, and more. Tour Turin.

Time Out Turin"Time Out" Turin Though Turin may be synonymous with Fiat, there's much more than the auto industry in this elegant, but little-visited city on the banks of the River Po. Stately palazzi line up along avenues offering glimpses of snow-capped Alps beyond. The city's art and antiquities collections, including the biggest Egyptian haul outside Cairo, are a reminder that Turin was once a splendid capital not only of the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont but also of Italy. Tour Turin.

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