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Warsaw Hotel Deals
Warsaw Hotel Deals
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Warsaw Insight Pocket GuideWarsaw Insight Pocket Guide (Insight Pocket Guides) Warsaw Insight Pocket Guide is an itinerary-based guide, focusing on the best things to see and do, picked by our local correspondents. It is ideal for first-time visitors and perhaps pressed for time. To help you follow the routes easily, the 96-page book includes a full size pull-out map. Detailed routes have been designed to cover Warsaw's highlights. Ten tours link the highlights of Poland's capital city and four excursions explore interesting towns and villages within easy reach of Warsaw. To aid your understanding of Warsaw, its history and culture are described in an introductory feature. There is also full coverage of shopping, eating out and nightlife plus a listings section covering hotels, climate, money, getting around and useful addresses.

Venetian Painter in WarsawBernardo Bellotto: A Venetian Painter in Warsaw As part of the year in honour of Poland, the Louvre displays, from 5 October 2004 to 10 January 2005 a number of works depicting the city of Warsaw by Bernardo Bellotto, an eighteenth century Italian painter. Bellotto's set of views of the city of Warsaw is not only remarkably beautiful, but is also an incomparable iconographic and historical record. Bellotto was one of the greatest Italian city painters of the eighteenth century. The set is outstanding both for the large number of paintings on the same subject, and for its usefulness during the reconstruction of Warsaw after the Second World War, for it enabled the old city centre to be rebuilt as it was in the eighteenth century. This book contains all of Bellotto's paintings from the museum in the Royal Castle, Warsaw, not just the 18 paintings exhibited in the Louvre. The reproductions are large and accompanied by details. The commentaries take an iconographic approach and draw on historical evidence; some works are compared with photos of the city before and after the bombings of the Second World War.

WarsawWarsaw (Topographics) David Crowley reveals Warsaw's visual and urban cultural history through narrative and anecdote, telling stories of the everyday, albeit in extraordinary circumstances. "Warsaw" examines the ways in which the fabric of the city has been shaped by Communist ideology since the late 1940s, and shows how the city has been spectacularly transformed since the introduction of a market economy in 1989. It also reflects on the ways in which the citizens of Warsaw use and enrich their living areas and the city they inhabit. In Warsaw, the past runs deep, and buildings are marked by myths and curses. David Crowley acts as our guide through this scarred yet uplifting terrain.

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