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Warwickshire Hotel Deals
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Tour WarwickshireWarwickshire (Pevsner Buildings of England S.) Warwickshire's buildings generally reflect a comfortable, well to do feel. Stratford-on-Avon is an excellent place to see the buildings of a late medieval and Georgian country town. The great medeival fortresses of Warwick and Kenilworth Castles are among the leading exemplars of their type. The superb range of country houses and landscaped gardens extends from the medieval perfection of Baddesley Clinton, and picturesque Compton Wynates to the eighteenth century sophistication of Packington Hall. Birmingham and Coventry are major cathedral cities, though neither is anything like the conventional picture of an English cathedral. The nineteenth century buildings of Birmingham, religious, civic and commercial, are outstanding in their quality and variety, while Coventry is one of the most imaginative examples of a twentieth-century city centre rebuilt after wartime destruction.

CoventryCoventry: The Hidden History Based on 40 years of excavation, this is the first comprehensive history of Coventry, which looks in particular at its spectacular economic growth from Saxon times to become, by the fourteenth century, one of the foremost cities of medieval England, surrounded by a wall with 20 towers and 12 gates. The city became a magnet for entrepreneurs, also attracting the major religious orders, Benedictines, Franciscans, Carmelites and Carthusians, who developed an economy heavily reliant on monastic wool. Since the crippling blow the Dissolution of the Monasteries, Coventry has, over the centuries, experienced several declines and renaissances, the last redevelopment being the recovery from the devastating blitz of the Second World War.

Warwickshire BreweriesWarwickshire Breweries Warwickshire Breweries provides a fascinating insight into the history of brewing in this area. From the creation of a Common Brewery at Coventry in 1801 to the establishment of major forces such as Flowers of Stratford during the 1830s to the prominence of micro-breweries in the 1980s, this book charts the history of the county's licensed trade from humble beginnings to the present day. Tour Warwickshire.

Railways of Nuneaton and BedworthRailways of Nuneaton and Bedworth Nuneaton is the most central town in England. The exact point has been triangulated to a patch of undergrowth at the foot of a railway embankment. It is not surprising that the town became an important junction on the north south trunk line, the Premier line of the London & North Western Railway, the West Coast line, as it is known today. Bedworth was, in its day, a very important coal-mining town. Its collieries fed vast quantities of coal to the railway system for onward transmission. Today Nuneaton and Bedworth are joined as a single metropolis. Both share in the value of their central location with passenger station and distribution depots. This book is a pictorial review of the railway lines and features in the Nuneaton and Bedworth area. Over 200 photographs illustrate the development of the engines and railways, from the rare LNWR, early LMS, period, to more recent years. Peter Lee is an established author who has written two well-received books about Nuneaton.

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