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Winnipeg Hotel Deals
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Whether you are looking for a self-guided Manitoba tour or want to join a guided tour of Manitoba, you will find a tour to suit your needs here. Click below to find some of the best guided and self-guided Manitoba tours available today. Many of these Manitoba tour packages feature unique Manitoba tour opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. Manitoba - Order FREE Travel Brochure!.

Winnipeg AlbumWinnipeg Album: Glimpses of The Way We Were Winnipeg was Canada's first important city in the west and was the supply point for other prairie cities like Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, and even far-off Vancouver. It exploded from a village of 2700 people in 1877 to a fully modern metropolis of 100,000 in just thirty years and by then had a university, newspapers, publishing firms, a major theatre, and a vibrant mass of immigrants who flooded in to open up the West. Growing Winnipeg was served with paddle-wheelers on the Red River, Red River ox carts, a Canadian-owned railway to St Paul, Minnesota, and finally the CPR linking Montreal with the west coast. A Winnipeg Album is a pictorial impression of Winnipeg's colourful, dramatic, and relatively brief history, compiled and with commentary by John David Hamilton and Bonnie Dickie. Over one hundred stunning black-and-white photographs record the early days of the city and trace some of the dramatic events that made Winnipeg 'Canada's Chicago'. Tour Winnipeg.

Rising from the shores of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, the mere mention of winter in Winnipeg can bring shivers to the spine. But it is exactly those long cold winters that have helped make the capital of Manitoba one of the most vibrant cultural centers in Canada, and a dream destination for anyone interested in the arts. When the temperature drops, the best place to be is inside, enjoying a performance of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the oldest dance company in Canada, or wandering through one of the city's many art galleries or museums. The Winnipeg Art Gallery houses the world's largest collection of contemporary Inuit art, while the Manitoba Museum focuses on natural history and the geology of the region. Both make for an enjoyable and educational outing. When spring and summer, eventually, arrive everyone heads outdoors to visit the zoo, go canoeing on the river or to the Forks, a nine-acre site at the junction of the two rivers, which includes ancient meeting grounds, a waterfront park and a multitude of shops and restaurants to savor. Tour Winnipeg.

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