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Tour Welsh CastlesWelsh Castles: A Guide by Counties Tour Wales. The medieval castles of Wales are an imposing group of monuments. Although there are examples from the Norman period, the vast majority of the surviving castles date from the thirteenth century, a dramatic and turbulent period when Wales was nearly united under native rule before succumbing to Edward I's conquest: Caernarfon, Conway, Harlech and Beaumaris are justly famous, but fine examples can be found elsewhere, in Pembroke, Kidwelly and Chepstow in south Wales; native Welsh castles feature prominently.

Tour Welsh Castles BookWelsh Castles (It's Wales S.) Wales has some of the most formidable and impressive fortifications in the world, the legacy of the Norman Conquest and succeeding struggles against English invaders. As well as looking at the 'Ring of Steel', built by Edward I at staggering cost, this book looks at native Welsh castles and tells amazing stories of siege and warfare in Wales through the ages. Geraint Roberts vividly tells stories about heroic Welsh leaders like Llywelyn Fawr, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and Owain Glyndwr, and shows how the castle played such a vital part in Welsh history. The book is also enhanced by sections on Welsh history and the development of the castle in Wales from Roman to Early Modern times.

A Guide to the Medieval Castles of West WalesA Company of Forts: A Guide to the Medieval Castles of West Wales Tour Castles of Wales. The old county of Dyfed, now Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire, abounds with reminders of the turbulent medieval past - castles grace the landscape. This edition provides a comprehensive guide to over 40 castles of this area, large and small, including fortified manor-houses.

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