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Placenames In WalesLanguage and Place-names in Wales This wide-ranging study takes the story of Kenneth Jackson's "Language and History in Early Britain" on from the 12th century to the end of the 20th century, mainly by using written and oral recordings of place-names. The main emphasis is on the place-names of Cardiganshire (now Ceredigion) but place-names in other parts of Wales are also considered and they are all discussed in the context of historical dialectology. The author analyses the phonology of Cardiganshire place-names, in their spoken and written forms, particularly looking at changes in the period from the 18th to 20th centuries, although many features are shown to have their roots in earlier periods. His analysis of place-names provides the basis for a detailed discussion of the phonology of Cardiganshire dialects, in which the phonetic development of these dialects in the modern period is traced. Welsh Names.

Pocket Guide Welsh Place NamesA Pocket Guide to the Place-names of Wales (Pocket Guides) This is the fourth in the extremely successful Pocket Guide series. This is a fascinating book for anyone who wishes to know something about the place-names of Wales. Much has been written recently about place-names. The media and popular press coverage provide ample evidence of a current surge in interest in the names that surround us. This perhaps reflects a greater awareness of the local history and depth of culture, which is present in Wales. There is an interplay between Welsh and English which often manifests in place-names. The introduction deals briefly with what the study of place-names involves and how names can reveal fascinating insights into the people, history, environment and language of places. The bulk of the book is made up of what might be termed a dictionary of place-names.

Welsh PlacenamesWelsh Place-names Unzipped (It's Wales) Confused by Welsh place-names? Would you like to know the meaning of Machynlleth, Aberystwyth or even Llansaintffraidglynceiriog? This book shows you how simple it is to 'unzip' Welsh place-names. With an explanation of the different elements in place-names and a comprehensive word list, the book will help you understand the meaning of most town and village names in Wales. Also included are tips on pronunication and sections on the Welsh language and alphabet.

Welsh Origins of Scottish PlacenamesWelsh Origins of Scottish Place-names At one time the only language spoken and understood throughout the whole of what is now known as "Scotland" was an archaic form of the language still spoken in present day Wales. Naturally, all "Scottish" placenames existing at that time would have been founded in that early form of the Welsh language and many have survived in a form which allows their Welsh origins to be traced. It was the purpose of this book to gather together into one volume all references to such names as could be found in the standard works on Scottish place-names.

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