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Leezie Lindsay

"Will ye gang tae the Heilands, Leezie Lindsay?
Will ye gang tae the Heilands wi' me?
Will ye gang tae the Heilands, Leezie Lindsay,
My bride and my darling tae be?"
"To gang to the Heilands wi' you, Sir,
I dinna ken how that may be,
For I ken nae the road I am gaeing,
Nor yet wha I'm gaun wi'."

"O, Leezie, lass, ye maun ken little,
Syne ye dinna ken me;
For I am Lord Ronald MacDonald,
A Chieftain o' high degree."

"Oh, if ye're the Laird of MacDonald,
A great ane I ken ye maun be;
But how can a chieftain sae mighty
Think o' a puir lassie like me?"

She has gotten a gown o' green satin.
She has kilted them up tae her knee,
And she's aff wi' Lord Ronald MacDonald,
His bride and his darling tae be.

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